World Stag and Hen News – Jack Osbourne Likes it Rough on his Stag Weekend

Now, how about this for a stag prank?

Before getting married earlier this month, Adrenaline-Junkie, Jack Osbourne, headed out to Vegas to celebrate his last taste of freedom. However, after a day of riding buggies and shooting firearms, his fun would come to an abrupt end.

UntitledUnbeknown to the thrill-seeking stag, his mates had been in contact with some battle-harden anti-terrorist units, who were willing to give him the surprise of his life! After bursting their way into the stag party, Jack was ‘kidnapped’ and escorted to an unknown location.

However, the prank didn’t stop there. The crack-team of SAS, Delta Force and Navy SEALs began to torture the defenceless stag using legitimate techniques!

This didn’t deter the groom much, as he described the ordeal as “Awesome.”

In a recent interview, the son of Ozzy said "I got water-boarded, I got tortured - it was pretty awesome... I don't think many people can say of their bachelor party “

Unfortunately at Maximise, we’re not in contact with that many secret anti-terrorist units! However, if you’re looking for a legendary prank on your upcoming stag weekend, take a look at our Stag Arrests; for a thrill like no other!

- Paddy -


posted @ Tuesday, October 16, 2012 12:39 AM