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Hen Weekends in London

Short of blowing the wedding fund on shipping your hens off to New York or Paris - tempting as it may be - there is no destination that can beat London for glamour, fun, and sheer entertainment value. The UK's best shows, shopping and nightlife, all in one fantastic location.

Hen Weekends in London

Probably the world's greatest capital city, amazing by day and even better by night, London is the UK's best hen weekend city! With unrivalled daytime activities and wild & fun nightlife options for hen parties, our Hen Weekends in London provide everything you want and more. From West End shows to uber trendy cocktail & wine bars, your Hen Party certainly won't be short of places to visit! London is home to great landmarks, countless shops, boutiques and sightseeing opportunities allowing your hen party to be a weekend you will never forget. Hen Weekends in London hit the spot every time, so what are you waiting for?

If you're looking for an active, healthy hen weekend in London, then check out our NEW London Active Hen weekends page!

Interesting facts about London

  • Apparently it is illegal to die in the Palace of Westminster, not sure it's entirely enforceable though
  • Big Ben is in fact the bell and not the clock tower, and it chimes in the key of E
  • Cock Lane, near Holburn Viaduct got it's name because it was once the only street in London to be licenced for prostitution in medieval times, and not in fact because it had any association with poultry
  • Many strange things have been left on the underground but the strangest of them all include a Samurai sword, a stuffed puffer fish, a coffin, and even a human skull
  • Harrods sold cocaine until 1916
  • To get a London taxi licence you have to prove that you know every single landmark and street in London by completing the knowledge test - this can take between 2-4 years to master!
  • When BA, the official sponsors on the London Eye had technical difficulties in erecting the new landmark, Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, took matters in to his own hands and commissioned a blimp to hover over the site with the words "BA can't get it up" emblazoned across the side


4.6355 Star Rating
London Customer Rating from 59 Reviews

4 Star Rating
25 April 2014
It was a fab location and all the bars were close to get around to. The nightlife was great and so was the cocktail making at Tiger Tiger. All my hens really enjoyed themselves!

4.5 Star Rating
16 February 2014
I loved London for its diversity and choice of things to do to suit all tastes. We loved the cocktail making class we did and the Ice bar was a great experience. The only let down was the club Tiger Tiger very disappointing and the manager or guy in charge that spoke to us was extremely rude.

4 Star Rating
11 February 2014
The nightlife was busy and the activities we did were all good, especially the cocktail making at Shaka Zula.

4 Star Rating
27 January 2014
What's not to love about London?

4.5 Star Rating
08 October 2013
Lovely weekend with the girls in London. Planning on going back again after the wedding for a little hen party reunion!!

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