Tick off these things before you head away on your weekend. You'll thank us later.

Things to Remember:

  1. Set up a Whatsapp group a week or so before you set off. Think of games to play to break the ice, and grab any props you'll need before you leave.
  2. Make sure you've got your transport organised if you are not driving, so you don’t get strung up by unscrupulous taxi firms on the night. The further in advance you book it, the cheaper it will generally be, especially in the case of trains.
  3. Book restaurants ahead if you’re eating out. Just speak to your account manager and he or she will be happy to help you with restaurant reservations or bookings.
  4. If you are going anywhere that isn't organised by Maximise – make sure you are on the guest list or have pre-booked so they can’t (or are at least less likely to) turn you away.
  5. Confirm that everyone knows when and where to meet.
  6. Have a fall back meeting place for anyone who is late or gets lost.
  7. Stock up on any hangover cures (and check out our pro-tips on how to hide them!)
  8. Ensure you have all relevant booking confirmations with you, and everyone bring ID, and make sure everyone has emergency taxi numbers as well as the Europe-wide emergency services number - 112.
  9. Do your rooming list before you get to the hotel, to avoid any confusion when you arrive at the hotel. 
  10. Create a kitty for getting the extras on the weekend, if everyone is happy to have one. Keep a note of all expenditures on your phone. 


Things to Pack:

  • Photo ID
  • Gel inserts
  • Make up wipes
  • Currency
  • Vitamins & hangover cures
  • Camera
  • Phone charger
  • Mains plug adaptors
  • Mobile phone portable battery pack
  • Dry shampoo
  • Clear nail varnish for laddered tights
  • Extra eyelash glue
  • Black marker pen to cover up scuffs
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