On Friday we brought 4 teams of bloggers together to battle it out in The Megamix Blogger Games.

In this mini-tournament contestants worked together in teams to achieve the best scores across five activities: bubble football, Hula Hens, old school sports day games, binocular football and disco dodgeball.  Plenty of healthy competition, giggles and hilarity followed!



The event was our rebellion against mundane and calorific hen and stag party activities and an opportunity to showcase some of our most innovative and energetic alternatives to booze-fuelled weekends. 


Teams Scores

The winning team


Team: Fitcetera AKA Snatch Sisters

Overall Team Score: 17 points

Best Game(s): 1st place in Bubble Football, Disco Dodgeball, Goggle Football AND Old School Sports Day (show offs!)

Worst Game: Hula Hens


Second Place


Team: Lashes of lifestyle AKA North West Does It Best

Overall Team Score: 14 points

Best Game(s): 2nd place in Bubble Football, Disco Dodgeball, Goggle Football AND Old School Sports Day

Worst Game: Hula Hens


Third Place


Team: Maximise (literally no idea how we came third!). We also had the very lovely Anahid Basmajian from the High Heel Runner who pretty much carried team Maximise, so thank you for that!

Overall Team score: 10 points

Best Game: Hula Hens

Worst Game: Old School Sports Day


Last Place


Team: Keep It SimpElle

Overall Team Score: 9 points

Best Game: Hula Hens

Worst Game(s): Bubble Football, Goggle Football and Disco Dodgeball





Activity One: Old School Sports Day Games

What is it? A retro revival of old school sports day classics, including the egg n spoon, 3 legged race and the sack race. This was a hilarious start to the proceedings that got everyone involved and the competition flowing.

Objective: To score as many points as you can across the various games.


Activity Two: Bubble Football

What is it? Encased in a large body zorb players rolled, bounced and bumped their way through a simplified football game. We can’t really say much football was actually played, or even many goals scored but the teams seemed to love it with a couple of players seeming to develop vendettas against each other

Objective: To score as many goals against the opposite team as possible.


Activity Three: Hula Hens

What is it? The newest addition to the megamix games, hula hens is a hilarious hula hooping fitness activity and has been designed specifically with competitive hens in mind. With a multitude of different challenges from being able to sit down while hula hooping to being able to run and still keep the hoop spinning this game is not as easy as it looks but twice as fun!

Objective:  To complete a variety of challenges while hula hooping


Activity Four: Disco Dodgeball

What is it? Disco tunes and dodgeball come together in the unique mash-up.  Players had to dance their way out of trouble to a soundtrack of tunes from across the decades. One to one dance offs and team rivalries galore, it was (unsurprisingly) the green team who dominated this game!

Objective: To dodge balls hurled by opposing teams 


Activity five: Binocular football

What is it? In this twisted version of football, players attempt a variety of ball skills while wearing googles which make the ball appear either 10x closer or 10x further away.  Definitely harder than it looks and hilarious to watch. Maximise again were terrible at this game and spent the majority of it either losing the ball or falling over

Objective: To complete a variety of challenges in the quickest time


After the games, and after building up quite an appetite we tucked in to a delicious selection of healthy foods provided by the lovely Andrew from the 100 Islington restaurant, while swapping tales of bravery and defeat on the (battle) fields 

The menu consisted of; 

Eggplant salad, coconut, granny smith, hazelnut, cherry tomato
Grilled sweet potato salad, green peas, apple, mint, sesame
Roasted butternut squash, quinoa, avocado, chilli yoghurt, sumac, feta, coriander seeds


Once again a massive congratulations to Georgina and the rest of her team in the Snatch Sisters. They were worthy opponents and even more worthy winners!


If the Megamix Blogger Games have caught your attention and you’d like to try the activities in your own tournament with friends, why not book our Megamix Triple Combo Activity. We’ll provide an event coordinator and all the equipment, so all you have to do is choose the three megamix activities you’d like to try and turn up on the day ready to play!  

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