You've booked the hotel and activities, you've got the accessories and prepped the guests on what to expect from the weekend. All that's left to do is to sort out the pre-drinks menu... Our comprehensive guide will assist you on making the right drink decision based on what type of hen your bride-to-be is.

The Girly Hen: The Love Potion
Your hen weekend is all about pampering and preening, with no strenuous activities that may potentially risk breaking your specially painted hen weekend nails. You’ll be taking centre stage over the weekend, getting your glad rags on and hitting the town, letting everyone know that you’re tying the knot, and why not, this is your special weekend after all. The Love Potion cocktail is as girly as you, and just as sweet!


The Ladette Hen: The Jammy Bastard
The boozier the weekend the better as far as you’re concerned. You’re not into the traditional hen weekend activities and would much rather get stuck into a stag activity to show that you are just as skilled (if not more) with a paintball gun or a quad bike as your fiancé is. The Jammy Bastard cocktail packs a punch but still slips down nice and easy, making it the perfect cocktail for your hen weekend.


The Party Hen: The Trashcan
Go hard or go home is practically your religion, and you’re never one to miss a good night out. Always knowing where the best parties are at, and dressing in full hen party regalia, you’ll be taking full advantage of your last weekend of freedom, partying in all the best places. A simple, yet oh-so-effective concept, the Trashcan cocktail combines vast amounts of alcohol and Redbull, ensuring that you celebrate your weekend in true party hen style.


The Classy Hen: The Audrey
Willy straws and feather boas are your idea of a nightmare. Going against the hen weekend norm, you will only be choosing the classiest of venues to host your hen weekend festivities. Expecting elegance, poise and sophistication at all times on your special weekend, the Audrey is the perfect addition. I mean, it’s got hibiscus in it! You can’t get classier than that… right?


The Laid Back Hen: Mango Mojito
You’re more of a go with the flow type of girl, who doesn’t let trivial things ruin your mood. With no set plans in place, you’ll just see where the night takes you, and rely on your friends to make your hen weekend a special one. The Mango Mojito is not only delicious, but also easy to make, and naturally, even easier to drink.


The Adventurous Hen: The Fiery Empress
Always up for a new experience, you’ll try anything once. Open minded and up for a good time, your hen weekend will encompass everything you stand for. Unique, fun and adrenaline pumping, your celebrations will be truly unforgettable. The Fiery Empress packs a serious punch, is out of the ordinary, but most importantly creates a little adventure on your hen weekend.


The Nerdy Hen: The Gandalf
Never more at home then when you are doing something you love, whether immersing yourself in a good book, or loosing yourself in the latest video game, your hen weekend will feature everything that you enjoy the most, and I mean, what nerdy hen doesn’t love the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and trust us, there’s one cocktail to rule them all… the Gandalf!


The Hipster Hen: The Hoxton Fizz
You’re always up to date with the latest trends, as long as it’s not the mainstream. A forward thinker who likes to be surrounded by likeminded people, your hen weekend will be held in only the trendiest of places. The Hoxton Fizz not only combines one of the most up and coming places for you to be seen in its title but includes both Elderflower and cucumber… you can’t get much more hipster than that!


The City Slicker Hen: The Currant Cosmopolitan
A city girl born and raised, you’re in your element in a bustling bar in the heart of the Big Smoke, enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle that only a big city can bring. You’ve tried most of the classic concoctions, but the cosmo will always be a firm favourite with you. A twist on the traditional ‘Sex and the City’ cosmo, this fruity drink is a great way to get your celebrations underway.


The Country Bumpkin Hen: The Orchard Mimosa
Never more comfortable than when you are at one with nature, you’ll be sure to incorporate the great outdoors into your hen weekend celebrations. Whether you’ll be having a BBQ, camping out around a bonfire or even just a simple picnic with your friends, the Orchard Mimosa is a must.

If you love cocktails as much as we do and want to recreate some of these delicious concoctions, try our cocktail making activity for your hen do!

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