After the recent Olympics disruption from a hen do party on the BBC, we thought we would share some other fascinating ways Brazilians like to do celebrate in style...


Maria and her hens interrupted the live BBC news broadcast to send a message to her fiancé. Watch the full video here.



8. The Bride will write the names of her single friends on the hem of her wedding dress as a good luck charm for them in the hope that it will not be long before they themselves get married.


7. It is customary for the Bride to sport gold wedding shoes on her wedding day.




6. A relatively new Brazilian wedding tradition is gravata do noivo which is where the best man will take the grooms ties and go around selling parts of it to the male guests to give to the newlyweds. 


5. Instead of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen the couple will have Padrinhos and Madrinhas who will stand by the couple during the ceremony. It is a big honour in Brazil to be asked to be a Padrinhos or Madrinhas. 




4. Instead of a bridal shower, a ‘kitchen shower’ will be hosted for the Bride-to-be. The gathering only includes female guests and is an opportunity for gifts to be given to the bride that she will be able to use in her new kitchen.


3. Engaged couples actually exchange their wedding rings prior to the wedding day, but will wear them on their right hand before they say their vows.




2. In some parts of Brazil it is traditional for the groom to prove his worth by taming a donkey, yes you read that correctly. Apparently if he is successful it shows him as a capable provider.


1. A traditional wedding favour is a bem Casado which means ‘well married’. The Portuguese sweet is given to guests and it thought to bring good luck to the Newlyweds.






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