It doesn’t have to be all willies on your hen weekend!

The hen weekend is booked (if you’re smart then through us!), you’re all paid up and it’s nearing that time when you’ll live through hangovers you’ve never felt before… and you forgot all about the hen party bags and you’ve been on enough hen dos to never want to see a willy shaped straw, inflatable penis or strap on headwear ever again! Fear not – fill your bags with hen weekend goodness, minus the dicks.

Tiny bottles of things. We’d suggest prosecco as it’s usually a winner, but wine, beer and spirits will work just as well. Bonus points if you add in disposable shot glasses for boozing on the go!

Temporary tattoos! While stags tend to go for permanent ones (because boys are stupid, duh) we’ll suggest something a little less life changing – you can get great personalised ones on Etsy!

Or for another cute personalised touch that you get to keep, chic festival style wristbands… available here.

For the morning after the night before – hangover kits! How you make them up is up to you but we suggest paracetamol, water, berocca, teabags or coffee, little pots of milk, plasters (for the heel injuries!) and make up wipes as a solid base to cure the morning woes. You can also buy cute bags to put it all in here.

Pad it out with chocolate and sweets. They are after all a girl’s true best friend.

Make up goodies – like personalised lip balm or face masks for that all important relaxation session the following morning!

Depending on where you’re heading, chuck in some sun cream for sunny destinations, or hand warms or gloves for a winter hen weekend… or likely just a brolly for England.

It might be a little retro since the dawn of the smartphone and the age of selfie sticks, but chucking some disposable cameras in so you get loads of pictures and you can chuck them all in a scrapbook when you get them developed… although maybe not all, there’s bound to be some horrors.

Okay, we know we said no dicks. We lied. Willies are prime comedy, but we’ll give you a cheeky twist on the old classic – rude colouring books!


If you need help with other parts of your hen weekend like planning and organising great hen do activities, nightlife options and accommodation – head over to our site!

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