Sick of the usual hen party activities and want something that will give you a rush or adrenaline, this is for you.

While some brides love the usual hen party shenanigans of cocktails, clubs and strippers, some like to step outside the box and enter the realm of the unknown and unusual. And, this list is for the latter.  

If you are a bridesmaid or Maid of Honour, tasked with the difficult job of finding a hen activity to suit a more thrill-seeking bride, you need some gunpowder to get the hen party activity bang on target.

Shooting is always a crowd pleaser and that's no exception for a hen party. Regardless of where you're heading these trigger-happy activities will be a great choice for the hen weekend.


The tame hen shooting activities

While you won't find shotguns, AK-47s or M16s in the UK, you will find clay pigeon shooting minus the pigeons.

Tame as it may be, it's nothing short of a great time and certainly offers a bit of friendly competition with the ultimate bragging rights for the champ. Not, to mention, watching the clay targets explode is very satisfying.

Rifle shooting for your hen weekend in Amsterdam 

Get away from the UK's strict firearms regulations and head to Europe, for the ultimate rife shooting experience in Amsterdam.

You'll be shooting .22 calibre firearm, with 30 bullets, each at targets. Your expert instructor will give you an introduction before you see who's a regular Tomb Raider and who couldn't get a headshot if their life depended on it! 

Head to Berlin for some Target shooting

This isn't just for the boys.

Make like Lara Croft on your hen weekend in Berlin with our target shooting activity. You and the girls will have the opportunity to shoot two different guns, a Sig Sauer and a Glock! Take aim at the targets to see who is the best shot of the day. 

This is a fantastic activity and a unique experience on your hen weekend in the very vibrant Berlin.

Handle powerful Pistols on your hen weekend

Get your hands on some guns that are illegal in different parts of the world but not in Ljubljana, Prague and Krakow with our ultimate hen party shooting activities.

Get your hands on a Glock Pistol and unleash hell on your targets for some fun on your hen weekend.

Upgrade to some big guns in Bratislava and Prague 

We mean serious business now, AK-47s and shotguns are one of the most popular shooting activities, especially in Bratislava and Prague and they have your hen weekend written all over them.

Show the boys up on your weekend and enjoy pulling the trigger on these insanely powerful weapons as you blast your way through all the targets. Definitely one for the memory book. 


All our hen weekend shooting activities are held in licenced venues and run by qualified professionals who will take you through all the necessary safety briefings before you're let loose on a target 

For more hen weekend shooting ideas, as well as loads of other activities and destinations head over to our site or give the Maximise team a call on 0208 236 0111 



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