Some brides-to-be need enjoy all the classic hen activities like chocolate making and cooking classes while others want to get their hands on something a little more unusual and uncommon. This list is for for the latter!

Sipping on cocktails, being pampered and having a male stripper thrust in your face is not what every bride-to-be calls an ideal hen weekend. Some brides want something a little less expected and something a tad unusual.

If you are a bridesmaid or Maid of Honour, tasked with the difficult job of finding a hen activity to suit an individualistic and free-spirited bride, you need to get your hen away from the cooking classes and male strippers and closer to some unconventional activities. 

Here are just a few of our favourite unusual hen activities that are guaranteed to suit your bride-to-be:

For the mild unusual hen party activity

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Just because unusual is the aim of the game does not mean your bride-to-be wants to go all out crazy and sink her teeth into adrenaline packed activities.

There are plenty of mild and even relaxing hen party activities that tick the unusual category box including a spot of dolphin watching and a Garra Rufa Fish pedicure

The toothless and harmless Garra Rufa Fish suck the dead skin from your feet leaving just the healthy new skin cells. While they're at work they stimulate pressure points in your feet, which help to improve blood flow and circulation, leaving you feeling revitalised and your feet softer and healthier than ever.

The unusual water-based hen activities

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Regardless of where you head for your hen weekend, if warm weather and crystal-blue waters are about you need to take advantage of your circumstances and get involved in some unusual water-based hen party activities. 

While scuba diving has been a popular choice when it comes to unusual hen party activities, canyoning and coasteering are the more unusual options and great for some hen party fun.

Canyoning is an adrenaline pumping blend of climbing, walking, jumping, abseiling and swimming down a canyon in a spectacular setting near a coastline or large rivers.

Coasteering is a mixed activity involving traversing on foot or by swimming, and without the assistance of boats or other equipment, down an intertidal area of a coast.

The overcome all your fees and push yourself to the limit unusual activity 

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Option one Assult Course, option two Horror Experience. Both guaranteed to be unusual, crazy, exhilarating and adrenaline pumping, but also somewhat frightful.

While our assault courses might leave you messy and tired after you've run, jumped, crawled and skidded through a variety of obstacles, you are also guaranteed to leave with plenty of unforgettable memories of fun, laughs, adventure and bonding with the girls. 

When it comes to Zombie or Horror experiences, pick your battlefield, from abandoned schools to creepy forests and asylums. And, then pick your best from zombies, werewolves, psycho killers and even a clown or two thrown in for good measure - we've got just the thing to make the hen scream and wish she didn't like unusual hen weekend activities. 

For the unusual and slightly insane hen party activities

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This is for the completely mad and ultra unusual hen party activities, so basically you have a nuts bride on your hands.

To begin with, if regular driving activities are not exciting enough for your bride-to-be, get her behind the wheel of a 33-ton military tank on her hen weekend.

Controlled falling, better known as abseiling, will see you take a plunge on your hen weekend. Enjoy strolling backwards, vertically of course, from something very very high. Otherwise, if the weather is nice, get your bride-to-be up in the air with some parasailing on her hen party. 

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For more hen party activities, ideas, nightlife options, accommodation options and hen weekend packages, head over to our site or give our team a call on 0208 236 0111.

For the ladies that can kick it with the lads, love the smell of burnt rubber and want to put the pedal to the metal on their hen weekend, then check out our best hen party driving activities.

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