7 incredible hen do ideas for your last night of freedom in Rome…

When you think of Rome you’ll usually think of ancient buildings, the Pope, maybe even pizza… but we’ve got 7 amazing hen do experiences in Rome that show it should be top of your list for a hen party…


  1. Every hen party’s best friend: prosecco!

Tour Rome in a chariot on your hen do! Alright… it’s not quite a chariot, but its close enough in our opinion. Enjoy an incredible ride around Rome in a horse drawn carriage, complete with a bottle of prosecco on board. Cheers!


  1. Pamper yourselves

Every bride to be loves a hen party pamper, and you’ve no need to miss out in Rome either. A hen night can leave all of us a little worse for wear the following morning, and after 20 years of organising them we’re convinced there’s no better hangover cure than a spa day!


  1. Something smells fishy…

But it won’t be your feet, because you’ll all be treated to a natural pedicure in the form of a fish spa on your hen do in Rome. Wildly popular in the UK and across Europe, enjoy a 30 minute fish pedicure with a glass of prosecco in hand.


  1. The sophisticated hen party: wine tasting

Italy has more to offer than just prosecco on your hen do… it’s got a whole bunch of delicious wines to try too. Wine tasting is an extremely classy reason to get day drunk if ever we heard one. Enjoy 6 different Italian wines to try, with explanations from a local wine connoisseur… though we suspect you’ll be struggling to concentrate by the 5th glass.


  1. Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, pizza is!

We think going to Rome and not eating pizza would be wrong on so many levels. But why stop at just one slice of pizza on your hen party? In fact, why stop at just one entire pizza? Enjoy all you can eat pizza… and all you can drink beer. Heaven.


  1. For a cheeky hen do…

We’d all love our own personal Tom Hardy, who also happens to be a great cook… and just for your hen party, we can make this dream a reality. We’ll send a rather hunky chef to your accommodation, to prepare you all a delicious 3 course Italian meal. And after your meal, he’ll delight you all further… no, not by doing the dishes… with a strip show.


  1. Meals on wheels, eat your heart out

You can grab dinner on the fly fairly easily on a hen do in Rome what with the Italian’s love for great food… but can any of those restaurants take you around the city while you dig in? No? Well, ours can. Enjoy a vintage experience of dinner on a classic tram on your hen party, with an amazing four course meal to devour and an open bar to boot.


For more Rome hen party ideas, activities, hotels, nightlife and more, head over to our site to see what’s on offer or if you’re already booked in and ready… maybe you need some help packing those hen party goodie bags!


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