Plan the ultimate stag do bar crawl with the best ruin bars in Budapest.

There is no denying Budapest has an electric and eccentric nightlife, but, there is nothing more bustling, funky, fun and all-out crazy than its famed ruin bars.

It started with Szimpla Kert, the mecca of all ruin bars, and now these extraordinary watering holes have transformed the ruins of abandoned buildings, stores, and parking lots in Budapest’s old District VII neighbourhood. 

The area has transformed from a derelict and decaying neighbourhood to one of the most impressive underground bar scenes and a not to be missed opportunity on your stag do.

With no signs or queues of people waiting out the front, these ruin bars could easily go unnoticed. But, once inside you will find yourself in the middle of a hip, eclectic, funky bar bustling with people, great music and cheap beer. From hidden courtyards, old-rickety furniture to hammocks and rusty cars that double as a table and chairs, these ruin bars are our top pick for your stag do.

Szimpla Kert Budapest 

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The original ruin bar and mother of all ruin bars in Budapest, Szimpla Kert, shows crowds older is better when it comes to nightlife in Budapest.

Built in an abandoned factory Szimpla Kert is the most popular ruin bar and features a large open courtyard, crazy furniture and artwork inside and out, cocktail bars, music, and even an old, stripped-down Trabant (a communist car) to have a drink in.

They also sell pizza, which is great after a big stag party night out.

Anker’t Ruin Bar Budapest

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Located in a former factory and featuring a massive courtyard, dance floors, gallery, events spaces and even an escape-room, Anker’t in downtown Budapest is one of the most popular ruin bars among locals and tourist alike. 

Not only does Anker’t serve up plenty of cheap-cold beer but they also offer plenty of grilled meaty meals, a carnivore's dream and a stag party favourite.

Along with the DJs, dance floors and party anthems, Anker’t will host themed parties, fashion shows, outdoor screenings of major sports events and a vegan flee market.

Instant Budapest 

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Locals and international revellers flock to Nagymező Street to enjoy live concerts and dance the night away amid the eccentric interior, blaring music and thematic dance floors of Instant.

First-time visitors often do a double-take when they first lay their eyes on the jumble of 23 strangely designed rooms sprawled across two former tenement buildings that make up this ruin bar.

The eccentric interior, which included a boar-shaped disco ball, a herd of jumping rabbits, giant flying animals and furniture pinned to the ceiling are just some of the things set to amaze you on your stag do in Budapest. 

The menu of burgers and fries is the simplest thing about the place.
Party hotspot Dürer Kert 
Dürer Kert Budapest, Budapest ruin bars, best ruin bars in Budapest, Dürer Kert ruin bar Budapest
Be reminded of your student days with one of the biggest party hot spots in Budapest. A former university building, Dürer Kert will see you sink down a few beers while playing foosball, Ping-Pong, darts, and a French game called pétanque.
More importantly, Dürer Kert has an impressive courtyard, which often hosts renowned international and local bands. This is a one-stop shop when it comes to drinking and nightlife on your stag do in Budapest.
Racskert Bar Budapest
Budapest Racskert, Racskert ruin bar, best ruin bars Budapest, Racskert bar
While Racskert is one of the newest ruin bars in Budapest, it has no problem drawing in a crowd or competing with the more established watering holes Budapest has on offer.
Formally an abandoned parking lot, Racskert is now a big ramshackle garden bar and perfect for some outdoor drinking on your stag do.
Ellato Kert
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With colourful tables, murals of Aztec motifs and a taco bar, there's a Mexican feel to Ellato Kert, a popular ruin bar located in the bustling Kazinczy Street in downtown Budapest’s Jewish District.
This ramshackle property is highly frequented by a hip crowd and party revellers alike. Whether you want to have a relaxed evening or a fun-filled night amid eclectic settings, Ellato Kert will cater to you on your stag do in Budapest.
Grandio Ruin Bar Budapest 
Grandio Budapest, Grandio bar Budapest, Grandio ruin bar Budapest, best ruin bars Budapest
Grandio is an all in one ruin bar, it's an urban jungle filled with sprawling plants and herds of enthusiastic partygoers, but it is also home to a hostel. The perfect watering hole for your stag do in Budapest and a great place to get the stag night started.
Famed for its outdoor tree-filled courtyard, Grandio is mostly filled with travellers and people on bar crawls, including stag parties, due to the fact that it’s also a hostel. 

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