Thou shalt follow thy stag do commandments

       1.     Thou shalt not let the stag win at anything

You’re not playing your girlfriend at FIFA. So ramming him off the track at karting or stealing his gun during paintball are both perfectly acceptable.

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     2.     Thou shalt not abandon the stag

Funny as it might be leaving him at the mercy of Hungarian strippers at 2am, you do have a responsibility to look after him and make sure he gets home alright.

      3.     Thou shalt not spend the weekend checking your phone

This is weekend is about spending quality time with your mates, not looking up photos of friend's babies on Facebook, or interacting with your harem of twitter followers, or your girlfriend on WhatsApp. So turn it face down on the pub table, or leave it in the hotel.

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      4.     Thou shalt not post incriminating photos on Facebook

What goes on tour, stays on tour. Nobody wants to be reminded of the embarrassing events years down the line, and that goes double for any Facebook photos.

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      5.     Thou shalt not commit grievous bodily harm on the stag

Note: this does not include liver damage.

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      6.     Thou shalt go hard or go home

Stag dos and drinking go hand in hand. Moderation is not a word you should be familiar with.

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      7.     Thou shalt not take thyself too seriously

Everybody will look ridiculous at some point, especially the stag, so get on with it and just have a good time. Although Facebook pictures of the group looking ridiculous are strictly prohibited (see rule 3).

  1.        Thou shalt not chase women all night long

Of course you’re a regular Casanova back home, but don’t let some blonde haired beauty distract you from what’s important: giving the stag an epic weekend to remember.

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      9.     Thou shalt see a half-naked woman at least once

It’s pretty much a rite of passage. Even if you’re not into lap dances there’s few lads who would turn down the chance to stare at some half-naked women for a while. 

    10.     Thou shalt not get thyself arrested

“Sorry mate, can’t make the wedding anymore, I’m on trial for indecent exposure in Slovenia that day”. Yeah, not ideal.

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