The ultimate stag party activity for a trigger happy group of lads – shooting is a crowd pleaser and a great choice wherever you’re heading on your stag do.

Whether you fancy yourself as a Rambo, John McClane or John Wick – shooting is a spot on choice for any stag do if what you want is some healthy competition between the boys and plenty of firepower. There’s a shooting package to suit every stag party, and with a lot of options out there, we’ve got the run down…


UK Stag Do Shooting

Sadly our sensible gun laws don’t allow for much room when it comes to shooting, though that’s not to say there’s no options at all. Get bang on target with air rifle shooting, which sounds a little tame compared to some of the options abroad – though we doubt you’d be saying that if you’d ever been shot by one.

Stag Do Clay Pigeon Shooting

Alternatively, a spot of classic clay pigeon shooting brings a little more firepower and a lot more skill needed to hit the targets in the sky. But we’ve found it to be a fantastic hangover cure after a heavy stag do the night before!


Stag Do Shooting Abroad

Stag Do Shooting

Enjoy a far more lax approach to gun laws abroad. As would be expected the two top dogs when it comes to heavy firearms and even heavier nights out are Eastern Europe and Poland with the stag party titans like Budapest, Prague and Bratislava brining in the big guns – in a literal sense. From peashooters to the big boy toys, we’ve got more shooting packages than you could shake a shotgun at.

Our essential stag do shooting packages usually include a range of pistols to get you acquainted with your little friend, working all the way up in various package sizes up to our ultimate firearm shooting packages including the all-stars like shotguns, AK-47s & M16s.

Every stag party shooting package we do comes with a great shooting range, be it indoor or outdoor depending on the time of year, with targets (and usually target sheets you can take home to proudly hang on the fridge), expert instructors and all your safety gear. So the other half needn’t worry about you shooting yourself in the foot before the big day.


And something a little different…

Stag Do Tank Shooting

For an added bang, or should we say more accurately – boom, on your stag do – head to Poznan in Poland. This seemingly quaint city is the one and only stag party destination to offer tank shooting. Which we think is hell of a way to spend a last weekend of freedom!


For more stag do shooting ideas, as well as loads of other activities and destinations to pick from – head over to our site or for more shoot ‘em up fun, check out or paintball blog.

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