Top 10 Tips for Planning a Hen or Stag Weekend

1. Consult the Groom or Bride. It might be traditional to keep the itinerary a secret, but the stakes are high so that’s a risky venture. 

2. Aim to please the groom or bride, not everyone else. Remember it’s their rite of passage, so the weekend will be deemed a success as long as they have a good time.

3. In some countries it's still the tradition to have the stag or hen do the night before the wedding. In Britain we know better - Plan it for 2-5 weeks before the wedding, not days before, just in case. 

4. Get in touch with people on your guest list early, so they can book out dates etc. 

5. Consider divvying up groom or brides costs amongst the group. 

6.  Plan eating & restaurants beforehand. Maximise can help with this, just ask one of our team for the options. 

7. Be responsible for the groom or bride’s safety. Some jokes, like dyed hair, don’t seem so funny the morning after. 

8. Have some surprises lined up for the weekend. Pranks for the groom for example, or a surprise vehicle to take you to your evening venue. 

9. Farm out as many responsibilities as possible to others in the group. For instance name a treasurer, who can control the kitty on the weekend, alleviating you of this aspect of the weekend.

10. Create a competitive vibe. Games are great for team bonding.

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